How to Overcome an Online Bingo Losing Streak

How to Overcome an Online Bingo Losing Streak

“BINGO!” is the word everybody wants to be shouting whilst playing bingo online, but sometimes the stars don’t align, frustration wins the day and you are faced with a losing streak.

If you play online bingo on a regular basis then a losing streak is bound to happen at least once. You keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting…but your numbers just don’t seem to come up.

It’s tempting to just give in and stop playing- at least for a while- but before you put down your tablet, computer or smartphone why not listen to what we’ve got to say.

The truth of the matter is that you might start to get agitated, and when that happens you can end up doing things you shouldn’t. So take a step back, unwind, and read our advice on how to overcome an online bingo losing streak.

Forget About Past Losses

When you keep playing online bingo games with the memories of all those past losses whirling around in your head, then guess what? You are going to start playing in a frantic manner, to the point where your main focus will be on recouping all of the money you lost.

This leads to bad decision making, lack of focus, and can even mean you end up losing more money. Instead, try and keep a level head and make good bankroll management a priority.

Don’t Spend Even More Money

“My luck has got change soon,” you say to yourself, and with those words you start spending even more money on bingo tickets. This is called chasing your losses, and is a way of playing bingo that takes most of the fun out of the game.

Remember, playing bingo online is supposed to be something you do for enjoyment, no matter if you are on your own or playing with friends. You can even make new friends while playing online, so instead of chasing those losses and going on “tilt,” you should try chilling out a bit and maybe considering chatting with other online players.

You could also consider playing some of the free to play online bingo games available to help you get back in the swing of things or look for the many no deposit bingo sites.

Avoid Long Sessions

Attempting to overcome an online bingo streak with long sessions into the early hours is tempting, but in reality this rarely works.

Sure, it might be fine to keep playing into the night (and morning) when you are winning – who doesn’t enjoy shouting “BINGO!” at 2 am and annoying the neighbours – but when you are losing then our advice is to call it a night and go to bed.

The same online bingo games will be there tomorrow, and next week, and next month. So get a good sleep and come back refreshed.

Change Games

Sometimes the problem with your bingo losing streak isn’t you…it’s the game you are playing. For example, if you are playing 90 Ball Bingo and you can’t win any prizes then it might be a good idea to switch to a game such as 75 Ball Bingo.

Call it a change of scenery if you will, but there is something about changing bingo games that, at times, just seems to change your luck as well- just remember to find out how to play first.

It’s also worth avoiding playing at extremely busy times if you feel your luck is out. Simple odds will tell you that the more players playing, the less chance you might have at claiming the jackpot!