We all want to know that winning formula or a secret tip on how to win at online bingo right? Well we’re sorry to burst your bubble, there isn’t one… well not exactly. In this guide we will look into the ways in which players like you can increase your chances of beating online bingo site and withdraw your winnings for free, without spending a penny!

No Deposit Bonus Guide

The risk free method and most popular way of winning free money is by claiming a No Deposit Bonus at one of the many online bingo sites e.g. (No Deposit Bingo). For those new to online bingo, these bonuses allow players to join a bingo site without depositing any money what so ever! Well, you might be thinking ‘Huh? In that case i’ll join up and withdraw my free money as soon as it reaches my account’, as much as we would all love it to be that easy, there are a couple of restrictions. Before we get to those, let’s look at how a no deposit bonus works.

How does a no deposit bonus work?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that new players can claim upon registering for a new account. Registration usually only takes a couple of minutes and will often ask for the card details of the user. Don’t panic, you will not be charged any money, this is mostly for security reasons. After the registration is complete, the user’s player account will be credited with the free bonus amount.

So we have identified the bonus but what’s the catch? There are a series of terms and conditions that make it hard for players to withdraw their winnings (It is free money after all!). These three restrictions determine the odds of a player being able to withdraw their winnings.

  1. Wagering requirement
  2. Games that count towards wagering
  3. Withdrawal limit

1.What is a wagering requirement?

All sites offering a bonus where no deposit is required (Free Spins or Money) will also have a wagering limit. A wagering requirement is how much a player must spend or play through, in order to withdraw their winnings.

Here is an example: Bonus Offer – £10 Free BonusWagering Requirement x5: A player called Betty Beetroot claimed her free £10 by signing up at her favourite online bingo site Red Hot Bingo. Betty must wager or spend £50 overall to make a withdrawal. This doesn’t mean Betty must have £50 in her player account to claim her money, it means £50 must have been wagered.

What is Wagering?

Wagering is the amount of money that must be spent before any winnings can be withdrawn. Here is an example: Betty spent her free £10 and won a nice £60. Then Spent another £40 but lost £50. (£50 spent overall – won £60 – lost £50 = £10) So overall Betty spent £50 (or wagered x5 of her bonus amount of £10). Betty is now free to withdraw her £10!

So we’ve discovered that all bingo sites have a wagering requirement that must be reached in order to withdraw free money. To make winning that much easier, make sure to pick a no deposit bonus that has a low wagering requirement (below x5).

2. Games that count towards wagering

Bingo sites will allow you to wager your bonus on certain games. If the terms and conditions state games that don’t count towards wagering, then these games aren’t going to help you reach your wagering requirement. These will sometimes, but not always include certain Slots, BlackJack or Roulette.

3.What is a withdrawal limit?

Next thing to check for is if there are any withdrawal limits. Some bonus offers limit users on how much of their bonus earnings they can withdraw. e.g. Non funded accounts may win a maximum of £50. This means players can only withdraw £50 of their winnings. Don’t get me wrong, £50 for free is still a lot of money but it would be a real bummer if you won £150 to realise you could only withdraw £50 so make sure to double check!

The good thing is that withdrawal limits aren’t a common practice for many online bingo sites out there; however, if the wagering requirement is very low the likelihood is they will also have a withdrawal limit in place.

So what do I need to do?

If you want to win real money at bingo sites without making a deposit, this is what to look out for!

  1. Pick an appealing No Deposit Bonus.
  2. Visit the bingo site and click on the bonus. Look for the ‘terms and conditions‘ (usually at the bottom of the registration form) and check the following:
  3. Check the wagering requirement and pick the lowest one you can find.
  4. Check the restricted games that do not count towards wagering and avoid them at all costs. Playing these will of course be fun, but you won’t get you any closer to cashing out!
  5. Check the withdrawal limit to avoid disappointment.

Although we haven’t given you a pair of lucky golden boots that will guarantee you wealth and riches with all the bingo games you’ll take part in, we would like to think we’ve helped you increase your chances of cashing out some free money. Good luck and have fun!